Six Pointers For a Healthy Skin
Posted on: 11/10/2017, by : James Garica
beautiful skin

Having soft and healthy skin is something that everyone desires but can be very hard to achieve. If you don’t have all the time you need in this world for intensive skin care, you can still pamper yourself by sticking to the basics. Taking care of your skin is the best way to slow down the process of aging and get that healthy skin that you have always desired. Here are several pointers to help you to achieve that glow.

Wear sunscreen

Skin care experts can mention this enough! Wearing sunscreen is very important because the sun has harsh rays that are responsible for damaging your skin and speeding up the process of aging. If you fail to protect your skin from the dangerous rays of the sun, then the chances of your skin aging and making you look older than your real age are very high. Its worth noting that the process of aging can only be slowed down but not reversed.

Drink a lot of water

girl with glass of waterIf you live in areas with hot temperatures, then you can relate to dry skin. During warm and dry days your body will start exhibiting the signs of dehydration on your coat. In the end, it will become dry and flaky. Drink lots of water if you wish to have a healthy skin. Water will help your body to get rid of toxins and reduce your chances of getting breakouts to almost zero. So if you have not been drinking enough water, experts recommend that you start taking at least eight glasses of water daily for a glowing skin.

Get sufficient sleep

Get enough sleep for healthy skin. While you are deep asleep, your body gets the chance to heal itself and regain the energy that it requires to function the next day optimally. If you don’t get sufficient sleep, then you deny your body the chance to repair your damaged skin and eliminate toxins. For a suitable surface make sure that you get about eight hours of sleep every day.


Ex foliate

When there is a build-up of skin cells on your face, then your pores become clogged and lead to the formation of zits. For healthy skin, you should ensure that you ex-foliate twice every week. If possible, use an enzyme mask to do the ex-foliation. The enzymes will get rid of all the little flakes of dead skin from your face resulting in open pores.

Change diet

If you wish to have a healthy skin, then you must make sure that you have a healthy diet. Consuming lots of processed foods will not provide your body with the vitamin and minerals that are required for the production of new cells and collagen that makes the skin firm and plump.

girl laying down

Don’t sleep with makeup

Wearing makeup when retiring to bed will hinder your skin from breathing appropriately. When your pores are clogged then your chances of getting breakouts multiply. Make sure that you remove makeup before sleeping and then cleanse your face twice with a creamy cleanser.